Ignore Us No More: The New American Activists

All that it takes to change the future is a single moment of inspiration. A moment of self reflection when the decision is made to stop observing problems and to start participating in the solutions. This moment, multiplied by tens of thousands, has sparked every activist movement in history, and is now catching fire again among a young and diverse population in America.

Ignore Us No More is a feature length documentary film that highlights the work of three young leaders at the forefront of new American activist movements. These everyday teenagers have become extraordinary activists working to create a government that pays attention, and responds, to their specific concerns.


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Ignore Us No More is more than just another passion project for us. We are both fathers who are teaching our young children about the importance of standing up for what you believe in. We have taken our children to marches, and told them that it is never too early to start working toward a better world. But now, as filmmakers, we find ourselves at our moment of decision: We see our public lands disappearing, and our government denying the realities of climate change. We see hatred, division and inequality running rampant in American society. We see gun violence rendering our streets, schools and public places unsafe, and we fear for our children’s futures.

We can no longer stand by and wait for change. We are compelled to use our talents to make a film that will impact the outcome of the 2020 elections, and ultimately the future we leave to our children.
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Justin Rowe


Justin Rowe has worked in the film and television industry for over 25 years and is a UCSB Film Studies Graduate. Justin has worked on feature films while at Walt Disney Pictures and Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Picture Co. Justin has directed and edited two feature documentaries that premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
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Michael Warner


Michael Warner is a double Emmy award winning documentary film Producer and Director, with over 30 years of professional production experience. His work has been featured on every major television network including ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, ESPN, MTV, Discovery Networks, Nat Geo, Lifetime, and Travel Channel.


The primary objective of this film is to provide that single moment of inspiration for its audience. An Impact Campaign slated for the Spring and Fall of 2020 will bring this film to college campuses in battleground districts across the country. We will partner with national and grassroots organizations to create film screening events that will present opportunities for those in the audience to make immediate decisions to join the movements and to register to vote on-the-spot.

In the wake of the divisive 2016 presidential election, millions of Americans woke up with dire concerns about the future. We are now a country even more sharply divided, and crippled by fear, anxiety, hatred, and violence. Our most trusted institutions are being challenged and attacked. Our planet is being ravished by a relentless industrial thirst for resources and profit that is changing our climate, and causing natural disasters that become more devastating every year.

Many Americans have come to realize that something must be done to change the political dynamics in our country. Movements that defy traditional barriers of race, gender, and sexual orientation are on the rise: Resist, Me Too, Zero Hour, Black Lives Matter, March for our Lives, Sunrise Movement, Earth Guardians… just to name a few. At the heart of these movements is a new generation of bold and diverse leaders who are fed up with having their voices ignored. Each of these young men and women have already encountered their moment of inspiration, and now they are determined to fan the flames of activism to create tangible change in America.

The 2018 midterm elections saw a 41% increase in young and diverse voters participating in the process. Historic victories were achieved breaking barriers for women, minorities, and LGBT people. Colorado elected the first openly gay Governor, and the first Somali-American, the first two Native-American women, the first two Muslim-American women, and the youngest woman ever were elected to Congress.

Despite important gains in 2018 there is still much work to do. As America prepares for the consequential elections in 2020, immigration policy, racial discrimination, climate change, environmental policy, gun violence, social equality, and voting rights are all issues that are galvanizing support among the new American activists.

Ignore Us No More adds fuel to the fire, tearing down traditional barriers, and filling the void with an inspirational and heroic story about the young women and men determined to shape America’s promising future.


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Double Emmy® Award Winner

This half hour television documentary  features 12 Alaskan students and an inspirational teacher from deep in the Alaskan Bush who leave their native homeland for the first time. Their academic field trip to Southern California is an eye opening adventure, and a dream come true for the students, who worked for three years to raise the money needed to make the trip.

Alaska Dreams was awarded two Emmy's, one for editing and another for a TV special focusing on education. The documentary project helped raise the funds to take the initial trip as well as a subsequent field trip to Washington D.C. in the following year.

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Feature Documentary
Double Emmy® Award Winner

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Feature Documentary
Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival

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